Our land

By its very nature, Castel is a terroir-driven organisation.
Being present in all of France’s key wine-growing areas, we have learned to recognise and appreciate the individuality of each and every one.

In its own way, each area reflects the individual characteristics of its local wine traditions; this is what makes Castel’s offering so rich and varied. The diversity of brands and Châteaux ensures that Castel can offer a wine for every occasion, be it for pure enjoyment or for the expert connoisseur.

From Bordeaux to Provence, from the Languedoc to the Loire Valley, from the Rhône Valley to Burgundy, Castel now owns almost 1,400 hectares of vineyards in France, and another 1,600 hectares in Africa.

There are many countries, regions and areas where Castel have forged strong, lasting partnerships with local people.

... our People

By playing an active role in smaller regional economies, Castel is protecting and even re-invigorating their regional identity, helping to ensure their long-term sustainability and development.

With all their natural advantages, these areas represent a market opportunity for Castel, who in turn are a powerful force in preserving their viability.

Far from attempting to lay down a uniform set of rules, Castel choose to celebrate local differences, and have built a reputation for staying true to local traditions. Castel’s teams on the ground very often comprise people from the immediate area, who understand prevailing conditions and can contribute invaluable local knowledge and skills.

Castel' estates