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For three generations now, the Castel Group have been developing the art of winemaking in accordance with the values that bond this close-knit family together: gentleness, humanity and the love of wine.

As owners of 21 winemaking estates in the Bordeaux Region and Provence, they have at their fingertips the skill and experience to showcase each of these diverse terroirs to its best advantage.

Graves in Chateau Ferrande Chateau barreyres

Castel Châteaux and Estates

Château d’Arcins
Château Barreyres
Château de La Botinière
Château du Bousquet
Château Campet
Château Cavalier
Domaine de la Clapière
Château Ferrande
Château de Goëlane
Château de Haut Coulon
Château Hourtou
Château de l’Hyvernière
Château Latour Camblanes
Château du Lort
Château Malbec
Château Montlabert
Château Tour Prignac

Castel Group's Châteaux

Château Beaumont *
Château Beychevelle *
Château Magnol **
* 50% of the shares. ** Barton & Guestier estates.