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Young French People Mirror the Values and Behaviours of their Parents

According to a recent study by Ifop/Vin & Société*, wine provides an important link between generations, bringing them together around the dinner table, encouraging sharing and promoting togetherness. This is far removed from the phenomenon of binge drinking or the meteoric rise in popularity of wine as an aperitif.

7 out of 10 young French people aged between 18 and 30 drink wine occasionally (31%) or rarely (31%). They associate winedrinking primarily with mealtimes (58%) and the French lifestyle (67%). They learn about the complex and sometimes rather daunting world of wine mostly within their families (40%) or from friends (27%) - and to a much lesser extent via the Internet and social media (19%) or specialist apps (15%). This was one of the survey's most surprising findings; young people are where we least expected to find them – holding fast to tradition. The data also demonstrates one very important fact: that wine knowledge is passed down by the older generations - so building knowledge, intelligence and education is the key to responsible consumption.

* Study by Ifop / Vin & Société. Sample size 1,002; respondents representative of the French population aged 18-30. Study dated 20th - 24th June 2016.

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Roche Mazet celebrate its 10th anniversary in China

Roche Mazet is pleased to celebrate today its 10th anniversary in Xiamen in China with its historical partner C&D wines

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Info Calories - a site designed by the wine industry for use by the consumer. is a newly published website, designed with input from key players in the wine and spirits industry.

Its aim is to educate the consumer, raising awareness of alcohol consumption, providing simple facts about calorie content and encouraging moderation. The site also gives guidelines to help consumers calculate their own personal consumption.

The contributing organisations come together under the auspices of three national associations: The FFVA (the French Association for Aperitif Wines), the FFS (the French Association for the Spirits Industry) and UMVIN, the Union for Wine Houses and Wine Brands.

Bordeaux wines celebrated in Brussels


The third edition of « Eat Brussels, Drink Bordeaux » will be hosted from September 8 to September 11. This is the opportunity to discover the famous Bordeaux wine appellations: Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur, Côtes de Bordeaux, Médoc et Graves, Saint-Emilion-Pomerol-Fronsac, Entre-Deux-Mers Crémants de Bordeaux et Sweet Bordeaux.

Wine tasting and masterclasses will be organized by Bordeaux Wine School.

Come visit us and discover our wines: Maison Castel Bordeaux Rouge, Maison Castel Bordeaux Blanc, Château d’Arcins Haut Médoc 2012, Cru de la Maqueline Bordeaux 2014 and Château de Goëlane Bordeaux Supérieur 2011.

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BARON DE LESTAC fête le vin – 23 au 26 juin 2016

Bordeaux Fête le Vin is just around the corner and this year should be rich in festivities ! Meet up and discover our wines on our booth in Village 2. Take part in our different activities such as a photo booth and win prizes such as your entrance for La Cité du Vin

For the first ever, our 2 brand ambassadors, Isabelle and Thierry, will present a short masterclass and wine tasting.

Save the date : Saturday, June 25 at 11am and 5pm. (3 masterclasses of 20 minutes per hour). Register online or directly on our booth.

We are very excited to meet you this year : fun, joy and share !

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CASTEL, Master-Builder Patrons of La Cité du Vin (Bordeaux, France)

Pierre Castel, Founding President of the CASTEL group, Alain Castel and Philippe Castel, Managing Directors of CASTEL’s wine Division, and Olivier Marc, Managing Director of Barton & Guestier, attended the inauguration of La Cité du Vin on May, 31 2016 with The President of the Republic, François Hollande and The Mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppé.

In the words of Pierre Castel, “La Cité du Vin is an innovative new space, reflecting the core make-up of our own family-run business. For four generations we too have been promoting our vineyards, our wines and our wine culture throughout France and the rest of the world.”

The Buffet of the 5 Senses, a module focusing on multi-sensory experience supported by CASTEL and Barton & Guestier.

This particular exhibit aims to demystify the world of wine in as natural a way as possible – by stimulating the five senses. From a gradual awakening of the senses to discovering the essentials of tasting, the Buffet of the 5 Senses offers a fun, immersive experience designed to put consumers at their ease when approaching wine.

Find out more about the Cité du Vin :

News !

Castel, official sponsor of la Cité du Vin, invites you to follow us during the last visit. La Cité du Vin is ready for setting up before official opening in June.

Be there on Friday, December 11 at 3pm #LaCiteduVin #Bordeaux

Concours Général Agricole

Enjoy a unique experience by becoming an official jury member at a major international competition: select the best aperitif wines at the General Agricultural Competition of Paris 2016.

Register before January 4th 2016 :

Appeal: Saturday 5th December, Grand Palais, Paris

On Saturday 5th December at 6pm, Castel, along with 7 of their fellow Ambassadors, will join Geres at the Grand Palais in Paris to submit an appeal for Climate Solidarity to Nicolas Hulot - the French President’s Special Envoy for the Protection of the Planet - demanding justice and solidarity for the world’s most vulnerable peoples.

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Castel Commits to COP21


By supporting GERES’ global activities, Castel are aligning themselves with one of the leading organisations in environmental protection. Castel have always considered environmental issues a major part of any growth strategy; and while the food safety of their consumer products remains paramount, they are also fully committed to environmental, social and economic responsibility through recognised sustainable practices.

For more information, please see our press release

Castel Appointed Ambassador for Climate Solidarity

As a major corporate in the wine industry, Castel are proud to take up their new position as Climate Solidarity Ambassador for environmental NGO Geres. They join an unprecedented line-up of French business and community groups working together for a just and equitable solution to climate change.

Join Castel and become part of the movement! Sign the Climate Solidarity Charter here :

Vino Bravo

Vino Bravo, the wine forum organised by ‘Le Point’ and ‘Vin & Société’, is taking place at Reims town hall today, 16 October.

Follow the 3rd edition live at: Vino Bravo - 3ème édition

Vino Bravo

Wine holds an important place in French society; it is integral to the economy, culture, heritage, health and geography.

From October 16th, don’t miss wine in its new niche - at ‘Wine and Life’, this year’s Vino Bravo symposium – to be broadcast from 9am to 6.30pm on

No topic has been excluded – speakers are drawn from outside the wine world, giving us all to get together and look at wine from a different point of view – one we may not otherwise consider.

Vino Bravo : Wine and the Divine, Wine and Diplomacy, Wine and Cinema

Wine and the Divine, Wine and Diplomacy, Wine and Cinema - topics you won’t want to miss! To hear all about them, visit on Friday 16th October between 9am and 6.30pm.

Wine is part of our history; it’s a living heritage which takes us way beyond the realm of culinary arts and gastronomy – and this is what our event aims to show !

Vino Bravo : Wine and Life

To find out everything you ever wanted to know about ‘Wine and Life,’ don’t miss the 3rd annual Vino Bravo symposium on Friday 16th October at the Mairie de Reims, (Reims Town Hall) from 9am to 6.30pm.

For those who can’t make it, the talks will be broadcast live on the day at

Find the full list of topics and speakers along with an editorial by Jacques Dupont on Le Point’s dedicated website:

2015 vintage, first impressions

The Union des Grands Crus of which Castel is a member with several our properties, shares its first impressions of the 2015 vintage.

Press release

Press release

Castel join with Vin & Société in appealing to the President to honour his pledge to provide clarification or the Loi Evin. This is essential for all stakeholders in the French vine and wine industry, and we remain focused and optimistic as we await further developments.

Press release