« Since 1949 when our business first became established, our family has aspired towards the same goal: to do our very best for clients and consumers, and to offer quality products at reasonable prices. I would like to renew this lifelong commitment to you here and now. My co-workers and I pledge that we will continue along this same path with fervour and passion, and a commitment to the world of wine, beer and soft drinks and those who enjoy them. With heads held high, we pledge to keep improving and adapting to the changing needs of our customers.

As a family, we did not stumble on the wine industry by chance. We were guided by our love and fascination for this uniquely rich and vibrant product, and by the challenges it posed. I grew up surrounded by vines and vineyards, and I understand and appreciate the rich heritage associated with wine – historical, geographical, human and even cultural. I have always had the utmost respect for winemaking traditions, and of course for this marvellous product itself.

To ensure the continuity of our story, to be able to improve and expand the horizons of French wines and our brands, we have built a firm foundation for our future development. As an outward-looking company in tune with the times and acutely aware of new developments, trends and changes, Castel have always chosen a path that links the traditional with the modern. By acquiring specific established businesses in our field, we are linking their traditions to our energy and expertise, and gradually expanding and improving our global exposure. And every day we strive to ensure that by setting the best possible standards, we are improving our relevance and long-term sustainability for you, our valued partners and customers. »

Pierre Castel
Founding President

A family affair.

The Castel Group was founded in Bordeaux in 1949 by a family of 9 brothers and sisters. For over 60 years they have devoted their energy and skills to spreading the word about French wines throughout the world, and developing the beer and soft drinks sector in Africa.

Advertising, Tour de France 1966 Advertising, Tour de France 1966. D.R

Theirs truly is a family affair. Their driving principle is to share their love of wine and other high-quality products in a way which fulfils every customer’s expectations. With this ethos very firmly in mind, not even rapid expansion has been able to undermine the values which shape Castel’s spirit and identity.

The family have had their fair share of triumphs. Under the guiding hand of founding President Pierre Castel the Group has become the largest wine producer in France and Europe, and the second largest beer and soft drinks business in Africa. By carefully developing their expertise in these sectors from the roots up, Castel are safe in the knowledge that they can control the quality of every product at every stage, from vine to consumer.

Castel is an internationally recognised name, backed up by a range of acclaimed brands and Châteaux, and with an established presence in over 130 countries.

Despite this undisputed international success, the Castel Group retains a resolutely human dimension, and lives out its ethos by sharing its passion for wines and beverages, and by recognising and rewarding a job well done.

Supported by clients, suppliers and distributors, we resolve never to compromise our past and our culture, and to continue promoting each of our core specialisms and the products of which we are so proud.

In the 50s and 60s, they embarked upon an internal expansion by setting up bottling plants.

Later, in the 60s and 70s, growth continued with a succession of acquisitions, first of regional, then national, and finally international companies trading in the wine sector.

One such example is in 1992 the Société des Vins de France, its main rival in the wine sector, France’s second largest wine trader.

When it acquired Nicolas in 1988, Castel became the owner of the largest chain of specialist wine stores.

In 1999, Domaines Virginie, exporters of top of the range wines from Languedoc Roussillon, were next to come under the Castel umbrella, along with Malesan.

In 2007, Castel acquired Sautejeau-Bauquin (n°1 in Muscadet) and Friedrich (n°1 in Bag In Box ®) in the Loire region.

In 2008, Castel acquired Oeno Alliance in Bordeaux (among the 10 leaders).

Meanwhile, Castel were also busy establishing a reputation in the beer and soft drinks sector in French-speaking Africa. They became one of this area’s key players when they acquired BGI (Brasseries et Glacières Internationales) in 1990.

And from 1973 to 2008, the development of a major water activity (n°3 in France) with about 30 mineral springs and brands among the most famous in France (including Cristaline), an activity which was recently sold.

Today, Castel Group is one of the world leaders in wines, beers and soft drinks, able to sustain its expansion in its high potential businesses.