A “savoir-faire”
rooted in tradition

Wine is a unique product in today’s market,
representing a long history of tradition and culture.

Today’s wines are the result of many years spent working the land, a reflection of the knowledge and skills passed down through generations of families, winegrowers and even cellar masters. By recognising and respecting the historical dimension, Castel has become a leading player in the world of wine, whose spirit and cultural integrity it holds very dear.

Castel make a point of keeping up with the times, and are proud owners of 22 state-of-the-art winemaking centres, bottling plant and logistics platforms. From a position at the heart of France’s chief wine-growing regions, Castel guarantee their clients a range of high quality, award-winning wines.

Thanks to significant investment in the latest technology and an ongoing strategy of recruiting skilled specialist teams, Castel keep close track of all production processes across the board, and make improvements wherever and whenever necessary.

Castel’s various sites comply with a quality policy and sustainable development. Some of them obtained international industry standards such as ISO, IFS, BRC and ECOCERT*. The criteria are stringent: strict regulations and techniques on specific products to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

AFAQ 9001 Agriculture Biologique BRC IFS

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AFAQ 14001
For example, CASTEL Blanquefort inside 1st Association for the SME of Bordeaux wine

Certified ISO 9001 : Saint-Omer, Vidauban, Blanquefort.
Certified IFS AND BRC : Saint-Omer, Blanquefort, Béziers, La Chapelle-Heulin, Beychac-et-Caillau, Saint-Priest.
Certified ECOCERT : Béziers, Blanquefort, Saint-Priest, La Chapelle-Heulin, Beychac-et-Caillau.

*List subject to changes